Introducing another multiplayer online survival game. It’s called, the motto of this browser-based gaming application is “Kill to survive!”. In its essence, the online toy is very similar to the familiar to all Moomooio + Vertixio, but with some significant differences, a thoughtful combat system and wonderful design, skins.

No set of points and endless levels in Foesio is not foreseen. Each game lasts only a few minutes, there is no continuation, so after one battle is over, it is necessary to rush into the next with new forces. The number of players in different bouts can vary significantly and vary from a dozen to a few.
All events occur in the bosom of nature, in a wooded area, where there are bushes and bushes. Vegetation is not only a skin, an element of the interior, but also a very important strategic point. Under the tree, you can hide your character from other players, fleeing persecution, or ambush. If the hero under the crown — it is not visible and the damage is almost minimal.


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The main task of the player in Foesio is to remain the only survivor on the battlefield. It is not easy to do this, as each player is a potential enemy that leads a hunt for competitors. Immediately after downloading, all characters are completely unarmed and can only count on their fists. To the first seconds not to turn the game into a total massacre, the rules provide for a few seconds for adaptation. During this period it is advisable to inspect the entire map and choose the right weapon for yourself.
Weapons in are of two kinds — cold and fire. At the same time, only one instance of each species can be used. If there was more effective weapons available, you will have to discard. All sorts of guns, shotguns, crossbows, swords, axes and bows are scattered right on the territory, and also hidden in wooden chests with a question mark on the lid. In order to arm well, it is advisable to act as quickly as possible, until all the best has gone to competitors. Also, need to save cartridges, their stock is not infinite and quickly exhausted.
At the top of the playing field indicates the number of those taking part in the fight, as well as the number of dead enemy infantry. At the bottom of the screen there is a scale of life, also it can be seen under each of the participants. Life in Foesio very quickly ends in order to make up for it, we need to find and activate a first aid kit, or take refuge in an endless place and wait until the reserves are restored a little.
To complicate the task, the entire perimeter of the map in is surrounded by a red zone, which is constantly increasing. The red perimeter is deadly, entering it means to die prematurely. In order not to turn the fight into an aimless wandering and hide-and-seek game, at the end of the game, the minimum allowable patch of the pile is available for movement, so that in the confrontation one by one the winner will be the one who quickly pulls the trigger or will deal a fatal blow to the opponent.
Management in is made at once by several combinations of keys. In order not to lose during the confrontation, and to play as productive as possible, we recommend that you learn them in advance. The WASD buttons respond to the movement, the shift for running, the space is used for a dash, F to raise the object, Q toggles the weapon to attack, click the left mouse button, or click on E.