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We offer to play a new multiplayer online game, the main thing in which is to survive and destroy all competitors. game is not for weaklings, it can only be done by those who quickly orient themselves on the terrain and are able to make right decisions with lightning speed. The toy has not only an exciting dynamic plot, but also amazing unsurpassed skins and a lot of additional features.
The character is a warrior who can be pumped before the start. Entering the menu, the player will be able to pick up his clothes, hat and armor. The whole gameplay is quite short, the fight lasts for several minutes, and the winner is determined with ease: the only survivor becomes the champion. Points for kills are not counted and after the end of one battle, you can immediately start a new one, completely unrelated to the previous one. game is cruel and built on murder, so there are plenty of weapons. Throughout the terrain there is a mass of all kinds of piercing, cutting and gunshot objects. The main thing is to choose the most powerful one, and also to stock up cartridges and first-aid kits for replenishment of vital energy. It is also worth noting that the zone of military operations is constantly narrowing, the fewer players remain, the less room for maneuvers. The control is carried out by the keys WASD FQ E, space and Shift.

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