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Get together in a bloody confrontation with several dozen heavily armed opponents, destroy all competitors and become the only survivor in the new exciting browser-based multiplayer game from io. online game for those who are not afraid of the sight of blood and are not averse to testing their strengths and skills in a fight for life and death.
There are no endless levels with points in, everything happens quite quickly and dynamically. In just a few minutes, the winner is determined and a new war begins. Events occur on a glade enclosed by a red frame, which is constantly narrowing. The fewer opponents left alive, the less room for maneuvers and the tougher the confrontation.
To play online, you must always specify a nickname and wait a few minutes until the previous fight ends. Then it is advisable to immediately get a weapon and a stock of cartridges that are scattered around the playing field, and begin to exterminate competitors, the number of survivors is indicated at the top of the screen. If necessary, you can hide under bushes and trees, they will serve as a shelter, and a place for an ambush. The game process is controlled by the WASD FQ E, space and Shift keys.

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