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Play a new exciting online game for survival and get the maximum charge of drive and adrenaline. play will appeal to both beginners and true gamers, connoisseurs who are well versed in the advantages of multiplayer browser-based online games. All this is due to the fact that this game has a lot of advantages: an uncommon storyline, wonderful skins, graphics and dynamics.
The main goal of players is to survive and kill all competitors, to remain the only player on a large playing field. Events will unfold in a wooded area, where full of various weapons, both gunshot and cold. In order not to perish, we must arm ourselves and from the very first seconds take the fight. The stock of cartridges is not dimensionless, it is desirable to save them and replenish them from wooden boxes as necessary. is not easy to play because the whole map is surrounded by a red zone, which is constantly narrowing. The fewer participants left in the game, the space becomes more. In the end, the playground is so narrow that only two opponents can fit on it, the one who will deal a decisive blow and become the winner and will be able to move on to the next fight.

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