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We recommend playing another cool online game novelty in the genre of survival, it is perfect for all fans of browser-based multiplayer war toys and shooters. skins — a game built on short, all in a few minutes, battles. Here the main thing is not endurance and speed, but dexterity, tactics and skill. events unfold on beautiful and colorful terrain in the middle of the forest. At the same time, several dozen players are playing, that they must fight each other to the full victory. The champion is the one who will last the longest in the game and destroy all competitors, will remain the only survivor. After this, the confrontation ends, and the player can enter into a new match, no rating table is present, and the dynamics of victories are not monitored.
Throughout the game field skins scattered weapons: gunshot and cold. Simultaneously, you can fight only one instance of each species. To replenish your arsenal with something new, you will have to throw away old weapons. Also, it is necessary to take care of the stock of cartridges, since they have the property of quickly ending. First-aid kits are useful in the event that the supply of vital energy will be at a minimum. Management is not easy: WASD FQ E, space and Shift.

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